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Double Prong Belt, Black

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A few year ago, I got tired of the poor quality leather belts I would keep buying and soon they would be falling apart. I looked high and low for a quality leather belt, and I could not find any in my price range. That is when I decided to make my own. After doing hours of research, I began. I bought a piece of genuine leather, bought some leather crafting tools, bought a buckle, and bought a few other supplies. After hours of blood sweat and tears, I had an epic hand-crafted leather belt. I was thrilled with the final product, never before was I so proud of the belt around my waist. People would compliment me about it, and they would ask me to take it off to get a better look at it. The best part was the beautiful patina that started to develop on my leather belt; as I wore the belt its character continued to develop and tell the story of the many memories we made together. As I enjoyed my belt, I thought “Everyone should have the opportunity to own a quality leather belt.” And that is when I started Crafted Class, Our mission is to make quality leather belts available to everyone. A leather belt from Crafted Class will last you many years, and the longer you wear it the better it will get.

Forest Hill Leather products are made in the USA.

The belts are backed by a lifetime warranty.

Material: 100% Full Grain Leather

Leather thickness: 3/16 inch.

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