The Work Shop

The Forest Hill Leather work shop and retail store were all our products are made is on 225 Forest Hill Rd, Bird-In-Hand, Pa 17505. Stop by and you can watch real leather products being crafted from start to finish. You can experience the quality that results from handcrafted workmanship with full grain leather.

Distressed brown belt
Black belt holes throughout

Our Approach

Our mission is to provide our customers with quality, handmade products that will last for a lifetime. Everything we sell is made in the USA and is made of real materials. We allow the authenticity of our products to shine in their pure unaltered existence.

Briefcase accordion style

Our Story

We started Crafted Class when we saw the need for products that are actually made of real full grain leather. Everywhere you look today you can find some fake leather stuff that looks nice on the shelf, but when you start using it, it will soon be falling apart. But our products on the other hand will only get better with age as daily wear and tear will bring out a beautiful patina that only comes over time from full grain leather.

Where our leather comes from?